With a quick glance and a quick thought around you, you can realize that it is no longer enough to be fond of football or other games as sports that satisfy your passion and excite your emotions. With every new year, some ideas must emerge that distance you from the concept of a sports fan who cares about following his team and cares about its results and the results of its opponents.

It is almost impossible to follow any sporting event in the current era without there being a set of things that preoccupy you as a follower of the match, whether with the “fantasy” game that can make you follow the opponent’s team and encourage one of its players just because you put him in your main fantasy list or made him Be the captain of the team and bet on him scoring goals in an easy match.

In addition to fantasy, advertisements related to football betting websites UFABET invaded television screens and social media. Before or during a match, commercials on broadcast channels and on both sides of the pitch occupy space in your thoughts about the game. Make you excited or think about putting money and football betting on the outcome for the sake of gain and financial profit. As if the game itself does not offer you the pleasure that you seek, although its first and last goal is fun and joy.

Today, many betting websites have become familiar to football fans, such as UFABET, UFA345, William Hill, and Betfair; Because of their presence around us, whether in social media or advertisements that appear while browsing the Internet or on club shirts as a kind of commercial sponsorship. Even football betting has become a widespread phenomenon in the Arab world, despite the controversy surrounding its religious and legal legitimacy.

Differing interests

Betting is a social activity in which people try to predict the final outcome of a race or match and place an amount of money as a bet on that outcome. Of course, this activity varies according to the sporting interests that differ from one country to another, depending on the importance of the game and culture. For example, you will find the vast majority of Europeans betting on football matches and horse races and not on baseball and hockey in the USA or cricket in India and Pakistan, and vice versa.

Bets can cover a wide range outside of sports. It has become possible to predict the winner of a talent show or the presidential election in the United States. Even within the sports themselves, football betting ยูฟ่าเบท sometimes goes out of style, as a Swedish teacher bet on Suarez biting a player at the last World Cup, causing him to win 1,500 pounds after putting down only 7 pounds.

Between crime and legislation

In the beginning, the betting process was illegal and restricted to a small scale in some alleys, bars, and notorious places such as butcher shops and places of criminal gangs. After that, bets were being made legally on horse races, and the “Ladbrokes” company was opened in 1902 for football betting on horse races, before officially opening bets on football in the early sixties.

In 1961, the situation changed when the legality of the legal presence of neighborhood betting offices was legalized in Britain. Within months, the offices were drawing in people willing to put their cash in to bet on the outcome. Every week, thousands of fans fill out their betting slips in an attempt to predict the outcome of the week's rounds at noon on Saturday and Sunday, in the hope of winning cash prizes.

break the chains

After several months of legalization of football betting, nearly 50,000 offices opened across England, but the situation remained as it is without any noticeable development due to the strict laws imposed on these offices by political officials. The laws forced these shops to put tinted or blackened glass so that passers-by could not see the gambling operations on the matches.

But this did not last long. In the 1980s, when offices were allowed to undergo major alterations and changes, bookmakers put up flashy advertisements, offered various entertainments, and improved the interior furnishings to attract new customers by removing the tinted windows. In addition, offices can serve drinks while watching matches, and these bettors have emerged from complete darkness and shadows to become more attractive.

During this period, several companies grew and dominated the football betting market เว็บพนันออนไลน์ ไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์, and realized that the betting process is an industry that can be developed, as it is, in the end, like all other activities in which the interests of society intersect with business and money.