Perth home cleaners, the best cleaning company in Perth, offers easy ways to remove the dust stuck to the windows of your house. As many women suffer from the problem of dust that resides in the corners of the house. Especially on the window cleaning Perth, where you need continuous cleaning. This in some cases is one of the tiring things that the lady cannot She bears it. She keeps looking for easy ways to remove the dust stuck to the windows of the house. This is because dust is considered one of the most important problems facing the housewife. As the windows need care and frequent cleaning, as the accumulated dust is difficult to remove or get rid of easily.

Also, dust causes some health crises in the family, and one of the problems that children face in particular is shortness of breath. So these health problems must be avoided by continuous cleaning in one way or another. As there are easy ways to remove the dust stuck to the windows of your house. We will work We explain these methods through the article that we present to you, and we have collected a lot of different tips and methods that help us get rid of dust.

There are tips that the lady of the house must follow before doing the cleaning process, and these are the basics of working in cleaning the house, and also saves you a lot of time.

Tips before you start the process of getting started with window cleaning

Before starting the cleaning process, the windows must be cleaned of any dust that is present on it. This is very easy, by using a piece of cotton cloth and this is in order to remove any dust that is present on the window cleaning Perth. And a piece of cotton must be used so as not to leave behind any dust Another and Madam. You keep wiping until the dust is gone from the windows.

If there are any fumes related to the windows as a result of weather factors, this is necessary to work on cleaning them before the dust removal process. The window cleaning Perth must be cleaned with water only. Chemicals cannot be used because they are considered alkalis and acids, and this is one of the biggest causes that eliminate paints and timber.

While there are successive windows next to each other, care must be taken not to deliver water or cleaning liquid to the corners of the windows at all. Because this leads to corrosion of the wood between them, and care must be taken not to put a lot of water on them because the wood increases when water is used a lot. We will also present easy ways to remove the dust stuck to the windows of your home.

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How to clean windows with baking soda

Sodium carbonate has an effective effect in arduous cleaning operations. Because it completely gets rid of fat and can also polish metal objects as it eliminates a large percentage of bacteria. As it is used in many cleaning items and is also used in soaking meat and vegetables to kill bacteria.

We put a quarter of a cup of sodium bicarbonate, and a quarter of a cup of white vinegar, then put a cup of water in a bowl, or put it in a sprayer and spray the window clean Perth through it. Then bring a piece of cloth and dip it in vinegar with scrolling on the window cleaning Perth but gently. Then polish it completely By using a piece of dry cloth and see the result that you will get within a few minutes. We will learn about the largest amount of different ways behind cleaning windows.

How to clean windows using alcohol

Alcohol helps many women in cleaning the house, and it is most likely useful in cleaning the dust that is attached to the windows. It is also very useful if there is any fog on the windows. The standards are equal, then put one tablespoon of dish liquid and all this in a bowl with stirring until the mixture merges with each other and their materials are affected with each other. Then the lady dips a piece of cloth in this mixture and begins the wiping process. But it is very gently, then she wipes the window cleaning Perth again by Using water. Then doing the drying process with a piece of cotton, and after using this method. We will notice a big difference between before and after. This is one of the most important tasks that the woman feels comfortable when looking at and feeling comfortable with the window cleaning process.

How to clean windows with liquid dish soap

Dish liquid is present in all UK homes and others. It is present all over the world. It also has a miraculous power in getting rid of dust, paints and stains. While mixing with a little lemon, the stains will be eliminated. Windows are cleaned in a very simple and easy way. It contains many elements that kill bacteria and microbes.