Many may think that the cleaning process with a vacuum cleaner is sufficient to clean the carpets, but the carpets must be washed at home in deep cleaning, to remove difficult stains from the carpets, in addition to extracting dust from among the fibers of the carpets, which sometimes is not extracted through the vacuum cleaner, and from here the first ones will guide you. Clean is a cleaning company in Perth on the best way to clean carpets at home.

How is carpet washing at home?

Carpet cleaning Perth WA Perth home cleaners say It will be difficult to hide carpet stains when they accumulate beyond the permissible limit.

Hence, some may resort to one of the specialized companies that carry out the cleaning process professionally.

And if the use of one of the carpet cleaning companies is excellent and saves time and effort.

However, through this article, we will help you wash carpets at home without using a steam cleaning machine or using one of the cleaning companies.

And here will be the way to wash carpets through:

  • Prepare a bucket of warm water and a set of hygiene items and products.
  • As for the hygiene tools, they are “a soft cleaning brush, a clean towel, a spray bottle, and a vacuum cleaner.”
  • As for the mixture for washing carpets at home, it is represented in “baking soda and dish cleaning liquid with a spoonful of Vanish stain remover.”
  • The work is done by initially cleaning the carpet with a vacuum cleaner.
  • The cleaning process should be in one direction to ensure that all corners are cleaned without missing a thing.
  • Mix baking soda, warm water, dishwashing liquid, and a spoonful of Vanish in a spray bottle.
  • We work to spray the mixture on the carpet until it covers it completely.
  • Hence the role of the upholstery brush comes into play and begins to rub until bubbles form.
  • It is worth noting that the process of washing carpets in place is to remove dirt without using a large amount of water.
  • We leave the carpet to dry to avoid the appearance of any unpleasant odors on the carpet.

Thus, we have learned to wash carpets at home while it is in place, which is one of the best ways to wash carpets.

Sometimes some mistakes are made while washing carpets with water. We will mention them to you in the next paragraph.

Mistakes to avoid when washing carpets at home

When washing carpets at home, there are some mistakes that you should avoid in order to ensure a proper washing process without harm that may affect the carpet, which are:

Excessive use of carpet cleaner or shampoo

  • Excessive use of carpet shampoo or not rinsing the carpet thoroughly after brushing.
  • Both will generate an unpleasant odor in the carpet after it is completely dry, and will also generate more dust and dirt.
  • Hence, it is necessary to moderate the recommended amount of shampoo and make sure that the carpets are rinsed with water well.

Excessively wet the carpet with water

  • Also, while washing carpets at home, do not exaggerate the use of water.
  • Since it's the same idea as soaking the carpet in shampoo, more water on the carpet will make it take longer to dry.
  • When washing carpets at home, it is preferable to rinse them with warm water, which is much better, as it will help to get rid of cleaning materials better.
  • Also, using a lot of water to wash carpets may make them more susceptible to unpleasant odors and mold after washing.

Negligence in drying the carpet

  • It is preferable to take good care of drying the carpets.
  • To give the carpet a better and faster drying opportunity, and to eliminate any bacteria that could generate unpleasant odors in the carpet.
  • The best way to dry carpets is to expose them to the sun.
  • It can also be dried with a hair dryer or by blowing stand fan air with room ventilation, in the case of ways to wash carpets in place.

Know your carpet type

  • Also, it is important to know the type of carpet and choose the ideal method for cleaning it.
  • Not all types of carpets can be washed and exposed to large amounts of water and rubbing.
  • If your carpet is made of cotton or synthetic fibers, it can be machine cleaned on a slow cycle.
  • If the carpet is of the non-cleanable type, a soft sponge and a cap of dishwashing liquid will suffice.
  • This, in turn, will reduce the number of spills and eliminate them quickly.

Washing carpets at home is suitable with a solution consisting of vinegar and baking soda, but it is better to make sure that the detergents are safe in a hidden place at first.

We have provided you with more than one way to wash carpets, and you can also use one of the cleaning companies to wash carpets and carpets, and through some of them, they can wash carpets at home in their place without moving them.

Thus, we have provided you with a detailed way to wash carpets with Carpet cleaning Perth WA do not miss it or tell us your favorite method that you use to wash your carpets.